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Add personality to your boring ol' bank

1. Take our money personality test

Understand your money habits through our science based personality test.

2. Connect all your banks & financial services

See your money in one place and get a complete financial overview.

3. Supercharge your finances

Boost your financial health with actionable steps and guidance.
Money personality types

Discover your
true money self

Money is very personal so start by learning about your financial behaviour with Quirk's expert personality test and insights to make smarter financial decisions.

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spending categories

Track your money,
your way

Say goodbye to Excel - get your spending automatically categorised or create your own custom categories and always know how much you have left to spend.

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Financial plan and education

The financial education
you never got

Learn about all the important financial topics from ISAs and investing to credit scores as you level up to become the CFO of your money.

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Secure & Private

Quirk works with read-only access to financial data like transactions and balance. We also encrypt data with bank level security standards and we don’t believe in selling personal data to anyone. Learn more


256-bit encryption

bank level security

Bank level security

read only access

Read only access

Financial freedom is for everyone

Banks don’t do enough to help us manage our finances so we want to help our generation take control of our money. We believe that access to good financial education and tools for building wealth should be a right - not a privilege.

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Come for the rants on capitalism, stay for the expert money tips.

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