Embracing your uniqueness to
help you take control of your money. 

Our Story

Our goal with Quirk is to empower people to be in control over their money, feel secure about the decisions they’re making, and make use of the wealth of data and intelligence out there to their benefit. We are building a stand-out financial service that puts people at the center of it and helps humanize the world of money and finance.

It wasn’t a single moment that generated the idea for us, but many moments of vulnerability navigating a complex financial system which has caused us to distrust many financial services. Getting ridiculous credit card fees, feeling guilty for not knowing about how to manage money earlier, the anxiety from handling multiple accounts at once not knowing where our money is going, and never finding a tool that seems to solve the problem without having to rely on complex spreadsheets. Many prominent financial services benefit from users in vulnerable positions by monetizing bad decisions or benefiting from lack of transparency. Innovations like Open Banking give us more clarity and control and we will use this in the best way to help people have less anxiety when dealing with personal finances.

As designers, we’ve approached this problem from the ground up, by spending time talking in depth with people about their relationship with money and testing out different ways to make things better for them. Quirk was born through this process of trial and error, along with the help of our alma mater, the Royal College of Art and InnovationRCA as well as our first investors, Alpha by Telefonica, whose mission is to use technology to improve people's agency over their health and wellbeing. We want to  align with like minded people who will strive to put people first and provide good and honest services powered through data and artificial intelligence.

Last but not least, core to our mission is giving people control over  their data. The wealth of data about our online lives has been used to  target us with more products to buy and getting us to waste time on different apps. We aim to make our personal data into our own tool that can reflect back to us our own behaviour, inform our decisions, and empower us to become better.

Thank you,

Nikos and Nafeesa
Quirk co-founders