All your accounts, together

See where all your money goes by easily adding current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards.

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all your accounts

Get clarity over all your finances

We securely connect to your credit cards like Amex and all major UK banks so that you can see your full financial picture in one place.

your net worth

Grow your net worth

Add the balances for other financial services you want to track: your student loan, your mortgage, or the cash you keep under your mattress, and understand your total net worth.

your bills

Never miss a payment

You can view all your recurring payments in one location and also keep track of upcoming payments you have each month.

We keep your data safe & secure

Quirk works with read-only access and uses bank level privacy and encryption standards. We never share your data with any third parties.

A padlock to indicate that we securely encrypt your data

256-bit encryption

A symbol of a bank

Bank level security

A sunglasses icon to indicate view only access to your data

View only access

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