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How to Make Money on Depop - Everything You Need to Know

Zarshed Sayfilloev
November 4, 2022
How to Make Money on Depop - Everything You Need to Know

Illustration by Darin Lammers.

We bet you remember how dropshipping was a hype back in the 2010s. Now, imagine Depop as a more revolutionized and easier way of dropshipping but specific to one category of products - second-hand fashion goods. Did that intrigue you?

Founded back in 2011, Depop gained fame during the pandemic period. The app started as a fashion marketplace to buy and sell used designer clothes, but now you can find all ranges of fashion products: clothes, bags, jewellery, and cosmetic products. Imagine a combination of eBay and Instagram… Well, that is a super-friendly interface that enables both sellers and buyers to get access to fashion goods by having the ability to communicate.

This article can come in handy for those just starting their journey into the world of Depop or for already existing Depopers failing to sell their first piece of clothing. Well, let us dive into top tips on how to sell on Depop and become a success.

1. What should I sell on Depop?

The only thing that matters when it comes to choosing what to sell on Depop is fashion. And it is extremely important to keep in mind who your target audience is. If your target customer is Gen Z then sell whatever you think Gen Zs are passionate about fashion-wise: iconic t-shirts, branded caps, branded bombers, definitely old&iconic bags by Louis Vuitton and the list goes on.

If you want to get specific about what sells a lot, then run a quick search on trending sales in the app.

2. Focus on your photography. Depop product picture quality makes a huge difference.

If the product does not matter, then what does?? Photos!

Depop is similar to Instagram in that it relied on a photo’s ability to capture attention. Buyers on Depop pay attention to if the product looks good, with a nice background and good lighting. Picture quality is the best marketing strategy you can apply if you want your product to be recognised. If you want to take great pictures, here are some things to consider:

- Would a picture of a crumpled t-shirt on a desk or a bed in the bedroom with a yellow room light catch your attention? We think, not. Be professional with the photos you make for your product. Try to use a lighter and more pleasing background light. Make sure the good that you are trying to sell is clean and looks presentable. You may find it helpful to see how Depop advises users to take pictures for their shop.

- Trying the cloth on yourself would be a good move, too. Big fashion brands promote their clothes on models. So, why you can not do that? For example, use a good photo of yourself, with a t-shirt you want to sell which will attract customers.

- Style and fit the piece of fashion you want to sell. Pair the t-shirt you want to sell with good-looking jeans, which will bring more attention. Who knows, maybe the buyer will be interested in purchasing the jeans, too.

3. Product description is key to boosting sales.

Once you hooked up the attention of a buyer with a nice picture. What is next? The buyer reads the description of a product.

Be as detailed as possible when describing a product, you want to sell. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and come up with questions that they would ask. For example, if you are selling a Lou Vuitton bag you should:

- Describe the condition of the bag. Is it new? If not, for how many years it has been used?

- Mention the manufacturer and when it was manufactured. Try to come up with the original name of the collection this bag was part of.

- Include the realistic size of the bag. Tell them your personal opinion about the size of the bag based on your experience.

- Talk about your experience and feelings with the bag. How did you feel wearing the bag? What were the ideal clothes that matched the bag?

- Get creative at the end. Include a short story with a bag. Maybe your friends went crazy once you showed up in the public with that bag.

Overall, the message here is to be as detailed and as creative as possible. Try to keep the buyer intrigued by your product. The best way to make someone buy a product is to share the emotions of owning the product.

4. Communication helps you to get noticed quickly on Depop.

Depop is a creative community. It is a platform for people to communicate with each other. Users can like the products, save them or leave comments. The main takeaway for you is to spend time and connect to various authentic sellers whose products you like. Your following and communication describe how trustworthy you are.

Another takeaway could be contacting back to the people who saved or liked your product. Depop notifies sellers about the users who interacted with their products. Thus, by contacting the potential buyer directly, you could make a sale.

5. Be realistic with your prices.

When it comes to pricing it gets challenging. Two factors that impact your pricing are:

- a 10% Depop tax on every sale you make

- International shipping or local shipping.

Based on these factors, sellers practice free shipping or on the other hand, they charge an extra fee. You have to figure it out and include it in your product description, too.

One of the most common mistakes that Depopers make is setting an unrealistic price for something that they have been wearing for a while. Buyers understand that. Of course, vintage brandy bags can cost a fortune but still be critical with your pricing.

Depop is a community. Buyers will contact you to negotiate. This is important as you have to be quick in replying to them before your competitor gets to them first. Be open to negotiations.

6. Bring your personality to your Depop account.

Treat your Depop account as a real shop with real buyers. Once, a user buys something of yours, do everything to earn his/her loyalty. There are many ways to earn customers’ loyalty that depends entirely on your imagination. Our advice would be:

- Good and quick communication with customers

- Delivering product in the most authentic way possible. This can be impressing customers with a beautiful delivery box with a note, “Thank you”, or treating your customer with sort of a sweet.

Again, it is up to your imagination how you want to express yourself and thus earn customers’ loyalty, so they come back to you in the future.

7. Take advantage of other social media platforms.

Here, we are not talking about Facebook ads or anything similar. The point is to raise awareness that you have a Depop account where you keep constantly adding products for a sale. Do not stress about your Instagram followers’ number. The idea is to use other platforms and reach other users, outside Depop, and lead them to your products.

To sum up, it takes dedication and time to become a top seller on Depop. Of course, it is a different side hustle compared to investing, for example. However, it is a great opportunity for Gen Zs to get themselves into a profitable side hustle.

If Depop is not your thing, we have something else that can be interesting for you, investing. Do not know where to start? We have you covered. Please explore our beginner guide to investing.

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