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A welcome from the Quirk Team!

by Quirk Team
May 4, 2020
A welcome from the Quirk Team!

Hello world!

It’s been a weird few weeks for everyone and in between the madness, we here have been trying to launch our business! It’s been a challenge but we’re thrilled to be working towards a product that so many people we’ve spoken to need. We already launched the money personality test that you can take for free on the website. You can also sign up for early access to the app as we’re planning to roll out a beta launch to few users who want to trial the first version and give feedback that will be critical in shaping the product!

The Mission

Our goal is simple, to embrace people’s uniqueness to help them take control over their money. There are tons of personal finance apps out there, but they still miss the point that most of us were never taught about managing money to begin with. And that looking at spreadsheets and charts is not always the best way to understand one’s money. Ultimately, our goal is to relieve a lot of the anxiety and misinformation out there so you can make use of the wealth of options that can get you on a path to set up your financial life really well.

Financial freedom for everyone.

How it started

This journey started for us with the end of our master’s degree last July from the Royal College of Art where we spent most of  the time designing services that are human-centered. After graduation we were able to secure our first funding from Telefonica’s “moonshot factory”, Alpha.

Nafeesa & Nikos, the co-founder of Quirk,  showcasing their product at their final degree show at the Royal College of Art 2019
Final Degree Show, Royal College of Art, 2019

We’re excited to start sharing content that will be helpful, product updates as we keep building, and any other interesting tidbits around personal finance, money, and psychology. We’ll be also bringing some amazing people onboard soon, so stay tuned!

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