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Savings deals: Uni students edition

Britney Zhang
Savings deals: Uni students edition

Saving money and budgeting can be difficult as a university student. Those years, however, are the time to learn how to “adult” without specifically being told to do so and learning by just doing it. It's important to develop healthy financial habits that will set you up for success in the future. Budgeting is important, but it is also necessary to use resources wisely! Being a student comes with many perks and discounts left and right. Here are some of our favorite amazing, *student-only* discounts in the UK to take advantage of:

The first place you need to start from is and!for a guaranteed stream of deals. Many companies will usually verify your student status through these websites. Beyond them, here are some stand-out student discounts:



Amazon gives 6 months of Prime for FREE. That means one-day delivery, on top of music, kindle, and streaming services as well. After that you can get a paid subscription.

6 months free then 💸 £3.99 month - get it here.


💸 30% off student discount - get it here.

*must have a unidays account



💸 10% student discount - get it here.

*must have student beans account


💸 3 months free and then £4.99 /month



💸 Essential Apps Free!


💸 £16.24 /month


💸 50% off student discount

These are awesome discounts, but here are some of our favorite savings hacks: 

  • If you have up to 6 friends willing to share a Spotify account, you can save even more money on your subscription by investing in a family plan - you would pay approx. £2.50 per person per month instead!
  • If you have excess clothing you no longer wear, you can sell them on apps such as Depop, Shpock, Facebook marketplace, and Letgo. 
  • If you are looking to thrift or shop sustainably, visit your local thrift store and browse Pinterest for inspiration to style second-hand clothing!
  • Most companies have some sort of student discount - you can download the Chrome extension Honey or search alternative sites for seasonal and influencer discount codes. 
  • If you are unable to find what you are looking for, be scrappy! Email the company through their customer support line or browse their FAQs for more information!

We hope these help -- happy savings!

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