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Presenting our new logo!

Quirk Team
Presenting our new logo!

Hello, Quirk has a new look!

Today we’re launching a new logo, as we start to refresh our look in general. It's an important moment in the company’s growth as we’re evolving to bring new people to the team, new users to the app, and are getting very close to making the app available to everyone.

The mission of Quirk is to help everyone find financial freedom. We do this by making money personal, about each person’s story, goals, and quirks!

The original Quirk logo reflects what the company has been, a passion project between two friends. Even though we’re both designers, we weren’t in any place to have a "fancy" logo when we first created Quirk. And so we were left with a simple Q, as inspired by the GT Alpina font that we loved. Unfortunately, this Q didn’t have any character, didn’t say much about the personality of the company itself, and in some cases people confused it with brands like Quora and Quizlet. When in fact for us, Quirk is all about embracing uniqueness!


Old Quirk Logo which was just the letter Q
Original Quirk logo

We felt we needed something better and so we've been collaborating with Tor Ewen, an amazing illustrator and designer from the Royal College of Art. We loved her use of color and arrangement of different shapes. Since this whole process happened mostly during the lockdown, we had to work entirely remotely. We used figma to share collaborative design files, annotate and share feedback. 

Different circular representation of the letter Q
Initial design explorations

Creating the new logo for Quirk, we wanted to both signal the creative, quirky, and personality-driven approach of the company and marry that with the world of money. It became a fine line to stick to, sometimes verging too far from anything that indicates a personal finance app or to becoming too much of a money app - something which we’re not aspiring to be. For us Quirk is about emotionality and rationality, logical and creative, money and humanity. We took an iterative approach and tried many different variations. 

Different variations of circles, budgeting data and the letter Q with different colors.
Initial design exploration

Once we worked with Tor to communicate our ideas and get her into the mindset of Quirk we were able to narrow down to our favourite ones. 

Different versions of graph, animated faces, q and circular shapes.
Our finalists

From there, we did what we always do. We asked our friends and our community what they connected with the most.  We shared the designs with the early beta users of the app and with friends and we overwhelmingly arrived here:

A curved credit card shape with a curved eye shape.
Hello world, new logo!

Simple, unique, alluding to money, and with a splash of personality. The logo represents Quirk as it currently is and where it’s going. We’re thrilled to share the company’s new identity, and take you along for the ride. We have more big announcements through the end of the year so stay in the loop. In the meantime, if you want to be part of the closed beta for the app and share feedback with us, please fill in this form.

Thank you for following Quirk's journey right from the start!

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