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What are the best food delivery services you can use during lockdown?

by Nikos Melachrinos
May 11, 2020
What are the best food delivery services you can use during lockdown?

Ordering your groceries online while supporting local business!

It’s a tough time for many a shops and lot of people have started focusing on purchasing food and groceries from smaller mom & pop / local shops that need support the most right now. We’re already saving quite a bit of money from spending our entire day indoors and are able to afford an extra delivery order here and there. 

Sometimes these do come at a premium so don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford to support them. There’s other ways to support small businesses whether that’s writing them a good review online or sharing their website with your friends. 

See below for some of our favourite options. We’ve included some really good spots that offer online delivery and have a more interesting story behind them than Tesco or Sainsbury’s. We’re also including some wholesalers for the essentials as many are nervous to go to the supermarket and so this is a great way to avoid having to. 


Veggie (veggie boxes) (veggies, fruits & dried stores)

Meat (pastrami, salt beef & bagels) (meats)

Misc (bagels & cream cheese) (food boxes) (kimchi)

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