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FIREside chat with Nat: "I'm on a mission to make money work for me"

Quirk Team
July 16, 2020
FIREside chat with Nat: "I'm on a mission to make money work for me"

Hi! Can you introduce yourself?

Hi there! I go by Nat. I currently work in the marketing & hospitality business..not that there is much of that going on lately. I began my personal finance journey in college when my boss lent me his book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." I have been on a mission to "make money work for me" ever since. Currently I house hack, I own land and I invest in the stock market.

What personality type did you get? Did you find the results to be accurate? 

The quiz was really fun to take. I got "the artist"! I agree with the money attitudes, but I did consider retaking it because I'm not sure it fully aligned. The only reason I felt it did not align was because of the “not so good” explanation of the personality results. I wouldn't consider myself risk averse and investing is a big part of my money goals. I personally identify more with “the optimizer’s” description with a hint of “the artist”. In the end, I took the quiz again and got “the artist.” I guess it must be true! 

Nat took the Quirk money personality test and received the artist money personality type.

What inspired you to start your Instagram account? Also, cool name - what is the story of "tipsaccepted"?

Tips Accepted came about in the midst of the pandemic. It was born out of a personal passion, a desire to help others, and, quite frankly, too much time on my hands. I asked myself, “what is something that I excel at that I could share with others”? It didn’t take too long to realize that I could help inspire and educate others about personal finance. I chose the name “Tips Accepted” because I wanted it to be an outlet that gave useful tips, but also a community that learned from others. I am by no means an expert and I am always happy to learn. Only together can we mend financial literacy gaps.

An ipad with a picture of a cartoon piggy bank and golden coin being inserted into it.

What is your relationship with personal finance? - If applicable, how has that defined your current pursuits? What changes have you made that have helped? How has it changed over time?

I have a close relationship with personal finance and it’s a prominent part of my life. Not because I aspire to be rich, but because of what I want to accomplish by reaching financial independence.

"I am in pursuit of the ultimate goal - TIME"

This goal has helped me reevaluate what I am willing to trade my time for currently and in the future. 

What are some things that worked for you for maintaining balance and managing your spending?

One of the most useful techniques in my financial life is automation. With every pay-check, both savings and investing goals are automatically deducted and sent to the respective accounts. I adjust as needed over time- depending on how aggressive or conservative I need to be. This method helps me achieve my financial goals and have guilt-free spending with what is leftover. 

What’s the worst money advice you’ve ever received?

"You earn enough, you can afford it." ...Uh, no thank you. That's how you get lifestyle inflation. SMH.

What do you most enjoy spending on? Or any guilty pleasure you can share. 

FOOD. More specifically, ice cream. I’d love to buy an ice cream shop one day. I eat ice cream almost EVERY DAY. No joke. It’s a problem. 

How often do you check your finances?

Almost daily. It gives me peace. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my finances. 

What’s your stack?

I currently have a (note: Nat is based in the US):

  • 401K (pension plan)
  • Roth IRA (equivalent of ISA)
  • Personal Brokerage Account
  • High yield savings account
  • CD
  • 4 credit cards

...and last but not least, I have Personal Capital to help me manage it all. I really don’t like spreadsheets so this is a lifesaver. 

Follow Nat on Instagram @tipsaccepted

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